Download WinCRC 32 Version 2.4.1

This handy utility is a valuable tool when downloading large files such as movies and games from the Internet.

Many of these files are accompagnied by a small CRC file, telling the correct CRC values (checksums) for the downloaded files. WinCRC 32 is designed to read these CRC files and verify that the files you downloaded are also working.

This is especially usefull when downloading multipart RAR archives, since RAR does not verify every single part. It only verifies the extracted files.
WinCRC 32 can tell you exactly what file(s) are failing the CRC check, thus allowing you to only download the compromised parts again.

  • WinCRC 32 supports SFV, AFV and the native CRC file formats.
  • Verify all files or selected files only.
  • Easy and intuitive user interface.
  • Save or print Error reports.
  • Save CRC file in either native CRC format or Standard SFV format.
  • Print CRC table to printer.
  • Optional association to supported file formats. Remembers old associations.

WinCRC 32 is now distributed as FREEWARE, meaning there is NO REGISTRATION FEE and NO TIME LIMIT. Enjoy...

Download WinCRC ver. 2.4.1 (MSI package*) (1.14MB)

* Microsoft Installer (MSI) works with Windows 98 or above.